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Make any WordPress site more helpful by collecting ratings and feedback from your website and users

WPHelpful is a WordPress plugin that lets you collect ratings (emoji faces or stars) as well written feedback from your website visitors and users for things like online courses, blogs, knowledge-bases or whatever other content you’ve got. This helps you know which content is the most valuable to your customers, students or website visitors… and more importantly, which content needs a little more work.

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How WPHelpful works

There’s no programming required and WPHelpful works with any WordPress theme or existing plugin. It’s ready to use instantly, simply activate the plugin and choose which content you want to add the WPHelpful form to. Logged-in users don’t even need to fill in their name or email address, WPHelpful already knows who they are and who to associate the ratings and feedback to in your WordPress admin area. If you aren't logged in, they can submit feedback with their email, or anonymously (depending on your settings).

Step one

Choose the content you want to add our form to and enable it via the quick editor or content editor.

Step two

Either add our shortcode [wphelpful] or enable auto-adding it your WPHelpful settings.

Step three

Based on your settings, the WPHelpful form appears to all logged-in users or public visitors.

WPHelpful features

The free version of our plugin gives you access to every feature and function we’ve got.

Simple, easy setup

Once WPHelpful is activated, you can customize it from our settings page and start using it right away. No programming or complexity required, just get straight to collecting ratings and feedback.

Any content type

Use the WPHelpful form on any page, post or custom content type simply by enabling WPHelpful and either using our shortcode [wphelpful] or enabling our auto-add option.

Public or private

You choose who sees the feedback form: only logged-in users or any website visitor. If you want the form to show up publicly you can also choose whether anonymouse feedback can be submitted or not.

Any WordPress website

WPHelpful loves all themes and setups, so it works on any WordPress website. All that’s required setting the plugin up to your liking and then enabling WPHelpful.

Customize everything

This version lets you change the colour of: text, buttons and backgrounds, so you can match them your brand. You can even edit every bit of text that appears as well.

Choose your template

Currently there’s an emoji face template and a star rating template available. We’re working on adding more soon, like a simple “Yes/No” template.

Your website, your choice

It’s your website and your content, so you can choose whether or not to display our “Powered by WPHelpful” text under the form. We also collect zero data from your site (keeping it private).

Automagically add

If you’d always like our form to appear on certain types of content, you can optionally enable “Auto-add” to any/all new content, that way you don’t have to worry about adding our shortcode or enabling WPHelpful every time you create new content.

By content or by user

You can view your ratings and feedback either from the content it was added to or view it by user or on our sitewide feedback page. That way you can see how well each piece of content is doing, or how a specific user feels about your content overall.