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How to customize WPHelpful

Assuming you’re using the PRO version, you can edit all text, colors and templates for how the WPHelpful form shows up on your website.


To change the content on the form and thank you page, go to “Settings” then “WPHelpful”. From there, the section called “Text defaults” is where you’ll edit or add your own custom text.


WPHelfpul comes with a simple color picker where you can visually select the color your want or paste in a HEX code of a color that most matches your brand. If you want the background of the WPHelpful form to be transparent/empty, click the color for “Background color” and press the “Clear” button.


Currently, from the “Settings” page you can choose between Stars and Emojis as your template. We are working towards adding more templates, like a simple “yes/no” one shortly.

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