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If you have questions, please read through our knowledge-base below. If that doesn’t answer your question or you have a technical support question, please reach out to [email protected].

The WPHelpful form isn’t showing up

If you cannot see the WPHelpful form on your website, ensure you are logged in. WPHelpful only works for logged in users (as it associates feedback with a user account). So if you are testing on mobile or a different browser, ensure you are logged into your site first.

Using the [wphelpful] shortcode

Simply, you can add [wphelpful]to any page, post or custom post type with WPHelpful enabled. If you want to override settings set on the WPHelpful page, you can add the settings instead to the shortcode, like so:

Custom CSS for styling

While we don’t offer support for your custom CSS, here are the classes for our form that you could further style to meet your needs and branding:

How to customize WPHelpful

Assuming you're using the PRO version, you can edit all text, colors and templates for how the WPHelpful form shows up on your website.

How to install WPHelpful

How to install our PRO Wordpress plugin.

How to view your ratings and feedback

There are two ways to view ratings and feedback for WPHelpful.