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Using the [wphelpful] shortcode

Simply, you can add [wphelpful] to any page, post or custom post type with WPHelpful enabled. If you want to override settings set on the WPHelpful page, you can add the settings instead to the shortcode, like so:

[wphelpful template="emojis" attribution="hide" header="Custom Header Text" subheader="Custom SubHeader" placeholder="Custom My placeholder text" button="Custom Submit" save="Custom Saving..."]

This creates a “one-off” button with custom text on it, keeping the global settings in tact.

To change the template, you can use “emojis”, “stars” or “simple”.

NOTE: If there is a ton of space between every element in our form, ensure Gutenberg has not added <pre><code> around our shortcode.

You can also use our shortcode in your templates via php by using <?php echo do_shortcode('[wphelpful]'); ?>

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